The Indica Vaporizer

Packaging Contents

  • Indica Variable Voltage Portable Vaporizer (1)
  • 110/220 USB adapter (1)
  • 12 in. USB charge cord (1)
  • Vape picks (2)
  • Mini spacers (3)
  • Replacement screens (4)
  • Cleaning Brush (1)
  • Pipe cleaners (5)
  • Storage pouch (1)
  • Extra chamber door (1)
  • Instructions (1)


Pocket-Sized and Ready to Go

Anytime you want it, nearly anywhere you go, the Indica Vaporizer can be with you. Small enough to fit in a pocket, shaped for easy storage, and designed to get the attention of only those in the know, this is a truly portable vaporizer.

Follow the Light

The LED indicator lets you know when to charge and how much vaporizing experience you have left. It also allows you to select the chamber temperature. Everything you need to know and control, literally at the push of a button.


Outstanding Capacity*

The Indica Vaporizer has a heating chamber designed for ease and efficiency. With .31g of capacity this means less packing and more drags for whatever blend you choose..

*The Indica vaporizer is intended for tobacco use only.


The Ideal Experience Begins with the Ideal Temperature

The key to vaporization is temperature. Too high and the vapor becomes too dense. Too low and the vapor is too thin. For the best taste and effects a medium density vapor is ideal.

Ultimate Vapor Control

The Indica Vaporizer has been engineered to quickly generate the necessary heat and is equipped with a cutting-edge control system to help ensure minimal temperature fluctuation.

Use the LED indicator to select the ideal range for your blend, then enjoy the experience.



Cleaning & Maintenance

Using the Indica Vaporizer

Indica Specifications

Size (inches)
3.15 tall x 2.008 wide x 0.906 deep


  • Chamber capacity (leaf tobacco/herb): 0.26g+
  • Heating chamber volume: 12.8mm
  • Individual drags per full-chamber: 20-30 approx.

Battery life (from full charge)*

  • 1.5+ hours of non-stop use
  • Up to days of moderate use

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