From the agriculture beneath each plume to the design that allows its effortless rise—every detail of an Indica vaporizer is painstakingly researched, honed and balanced. Our goal is to deliver true, pure vaporization to you—nothing less.

A revolution born from reverence.

Every day we take great strides forward in technology. Yet we believe the best innovations never inhibit, that the latest is only the greatest if it reveals new ways to provide and protect what nature has already perfected.

Restraint in design for uninhibited experience.

From the ergonomics that shapes every vapor to the technology that perfectly sustains it—every detail of the Indica i2 is painstakingly honed and balanced.

A matter of taste...

Literally. The flavor achieved when loose-leaf herb is vaporized—compared to an oil or wax—is truly unbeatable. Our dedication to this level of quality is why Indica vaporizers are loose-leaf and herb-based. It’s the natural choice.

Every breath beautiful.

From beginning to end, life is defined by breaths. Their depth and duration define each experience. Each Indica is designed to make the most of the breaths that find contentment in the space between.

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