1) What is the Indica™ vaporizer?
The Indica is a portable vaporizer for use with premium tobacco. It has been engineered for the maximum experience of any portable vaporizer—performance, function and style have been given attention to the greatest detail.
2) What is a vaporizer?

First, let’s define vaporization: Vaporization is an alternative to burning (smoking) that generally avoids the inhalation of many irritating toxic and carcinogenic by-products.

Traditional ‘smoking’ exposes an individual to toxins that are known to be hazardous to the respiratory system. Among them are the highly carcinogenic polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, a prime suspect in cigarette-related cancers. These toxins are essentially a byproduct of combustion, and smokers have been shown to suffer an elevated risk of bronchitis and respiratory infections among other issues. Respiratory disease due to smoking may therefore rightly be regarded as the primary physiological hazard of using tobacco.

A vaporizer device is used to extract—via inhalation—the active ingredients of plant material, commonly tobacco, or other herbs or blends. However, vaporizers can be used with pure chemicals when mixed with plant material (e.g. nicotine-free tobacco). While some vaporizers are design for and utilize liquid extracts or tinctures, the Indica Vaporizer is designed purely for use with ground, fresh tobacco.

3) How does the Indica vaporizer work?
Powered by two rechargable batteries, an internal chamber heats ground tobacco at one of five(5) optional temperature levels of vaporization. Vapor is drawn up from the chamber by inhaling through the mouthpiece at the top of the vaporizer. Once vaporization is complete: the unit can be turned off, it’s lid closed and the (now completely self-contained) Indica vaporizer is ready for transport (in a shirt or pant pocket, purse or bag).
4) What makes the Indica vaporizer superior to other portable vaporizers currently on the market?
Density, capacity and versatility above all.

4a) VAPOR DENSITY: The Indica vaporizer has been designed to get the maximum yield out of each ‘pack’ of tobacco, with more quality inhales per chamber-full. Also, when compared with other portable vaporizers the Indica delivers a cooler, more comfortable vapor to the lips, mouth and throat—also protecting the tobacco’s true flavor over longer periods.

4b) CAPACITY: The Indica vaporizer has an internal chamber that is capable of holding up to .21 grams of ground tobacco—this is nearly twice the capacity of most competitive products. This yields an approximate 40 drags per full chamber.

4c) VERSATILITY: The key to vaporization is temperature. Too high and the vapor becomes too dense; too low and the vapor is too thin. For the best taste and effects a medium density vapor is ideal. The Indica vaporizer has been built to operate precisely within this key temperature zone. Within this zone, you have the opportunity to select your ideal, preferred temperature.

5) How do you open the chamber?
The sliding door at the base of the hinge-side on the Indica vaporizer allows access to the chamber. Using your thumbnail upon the sliding door grooves, slide the door open (away from the lid hinge), then carefully lift it off. Be careful of the ‘locking’ tabs.
6) How do you insert the screen in the chamber?
The Indica vaporizer does not require the use of a screen for either proper functionality or a quality experience; it is completely optional to the user.
First, place two mini spacers back-to-back (the flat ends touching). Using a single screen (make sure you do not have two, as they can sometimes stick together), shape it around the mini spacers so it conforms exactly to their shape. You should have a letter U shaped screen. Gentle pull the two ‘legs’ of the U out a tiny bit; this adds slight tension to hold this screen in place. With the Indica vaporizer upright, slide the screen into the chamber with the ‘bottom’ of the U-shape against the ‘top’ inside edge of the chamber (essentially your U-shaped screen will be upside down in relation to the Indica unit). Tweezers should be used to carefully remove the screen during cleaning or once it needs to be replaced.
7) How do you fill the chamber and how much tobacco does it hold?

a) The chamber can hold between .21 and .25 grams of ground tobacco. We suggest that the tobacco be ground into fines in a conventional grinder* before filling. Use less than 0.21 grams of grounds to fill the chamber (0.2g or slightly less grams allows the convection to best vaporize your product). A chamber that is too-tightly packed could lead to areas of tobacco that are both under- and over-vaporized.) With smaller amounts of tobacco, using a ‘spacer’ helps ensure both a solid pack for proper vaporization. After the tobacco has been added simply insert a spacer, gently push it in, and replace the door.

b) Your Indica Pick is a versatile tool when filling the chamber: the wide end can scoop ground tobacco into the chamber until it’s filled to your desired level. Turn the pick around, and it’s narrow end can mix** tobacco within the chamber. With smaller amounts of tobacco, the notch upon the pick’s narrow end is designed to hook the crossbar of a ‘spacer’—which is inserted into the chamber (after the ground tobacco and before the door is closed). This helps ensure a solid pack, and proper vaporization.

c) Put the chamber door back and slide it closed, ensuring that it snaps into place.

9) How do you adjust the Indica’s temperature level?
Once the Indica Vaporizer is on, the LED On/Off button should be illuminated. Press it two times (2x), and it will blink and turn Green—the unit is now at its lowest temperature setting. When it has reached the perfect temperature (usually 10 seconds), the LED will blink twice—meaning the Indica vaporizer is ready. To change the setting to the other temperatures, simply press the button two times to step to the next level. The button will illuminate a particular color to let you know the current temperature level:

Press 2x : Cyan = 171°C (340 F)
2x more: Blue = 181°C (358 F)
2x more: Green = 191°C (376 F)
2x more: Purple = 201°C (394 F)
2x more: Red = 211°C (412 F)
2x more: This will cycle back through, beginning again at the ‘Cyan’ setting.
10) How long do you wait before you inhale?
After you’ve selected Cyan, the first temperature setting, wait approximately 65 seconds before inhaling; for the Blue through Red settings, wait 10 seconds. As an assist, the Indica vaporizer’s LED will blink three times once the setting you’ve chosen reaches the optimum temperature— begin inhaling.
11) How many inhales can you take?
This is really dependant upon how full the chamber is and how deep each inhale is, but an approximate yield per full chamber is approximately 30 large drags.
12) How do you turn the Indica Vaporizer off?
Holding the ON/OFF button down for three (3) seconds will power-down the unit, signaled by the LED button going out.
13) Do I need to clean an Indica vaporizer? How often?
To keep your Indica vaporizer in top condition and deliver the best tasting vapor, regular cleaning is recommended after 150 drags (approx. 5 chambers worth of use). Cleaning is a simple process of changing the screen and ensuring that the airflow channel is free of any particles or obstructions. Regular cleaning of the air flow channel is essential. By removing the mouthpiece, there is easy access to the channel which should be cleaned every fourth to fifth time you fill the chamber. Using a pipe cleaner, slide it gently down the tube to where the greatest amount of resin builds up near the chamber. The Indica Vaporizer comes with a cleaning kit that includes pipes cleaners and a brush, and detailed instructions are included in the Owner’s Manual.
14) How soon will this be available? When will it ship?
Right now we are scheduled to begin processing orders Spring 2014 via our online store. For news, visit Indica vaporizer on Facebook. To receive email product updates from Indica visit indica2.com and sign up on our contact page.